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BIG outdoors guy and just a big guy at 6'5". Love my horses, rifle and pistol practice at our range on the farm. ATV's and Jeep off roading. Trailer a couple of horses to the Smokies and ride up the mountains and around. 100'x100' garden, hoeing 100' rows of potatoes or corn is a job! Heirloom Barber tomatoes and my secret recipe make the BEST Salsa. My guacamole is not bad either. Devout Christian My wife has a big horse business. Breeding, training, selling. She won't sell a horse until it's 2 years old and "bombproof" I have been an IT Consultant ( Sales) for 25 years and I love it. I have several customers that I have serviced for 19 years now. Want to walk with God and have a great relationship? Go somewhere private every day and read your Bible. When Jesus died on the cross, his blood covered all of your sins until now, and all of the sins you will ever commit. We are only human and WILL sin but God forgives.

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    Life as a pancreatic cancer survivor

    2 years ago

    I am an anomaly when it comes to pancreatic cancer statistics. There are NO practices for early detection. The National Cancer Institute spends 2.3% of its $4.3 billion on pancreatic. But, I beat it!

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